4 Things to Remember Before You Order Your Custom Cake

While planning to host a party, you might be thinking of ordering a custom cake. The event might be a birthday or even your wedding. No matter what the event is, when it comes to ordering a cake, you’d want to order one from a bakery. You can get some excellent choices in cakes while visiting a supermarket. You might also get some ideas for that perfect cake for the event from the internet.

Once you know the kind of cake you want to order, you’ll need to speak with a professional baker. This is the first step towards ordering the custom cake you have in your mind. However, there are a few things you need to remember before you order your cake:

1. Give your cake the time it needs

You need to understand that your custom cake will take time to arrive. Even if it’s a small one, it will require some time, efforts, and care to make it. Know that you’ll not get it on time if you call the bakery staff the day before your event. The baker will need to plan, bake, and decorate the cake.

So, it would be a good idea to call the bakery of your choice days in advance. Ask them when you should order the cake. Allow them some extra time if you’re planning to order your custom cake around a holiday.

2. Provide all the required details

It is important to let the bakery staff know what exactly your needs are. So, when you call the bakery, let them know about the due date for your cake. You must then convey your desired idea or theme for the cake. Once this is done, you can move on to other details, such as colors and flavor.

It is also essential to tell them how many guests you’re expecting at the event. You can also provide photos and references if required.

3. Set a realistic budget

Most cakes at the regular grocery stores are mass produced. They’re made by bakers who also work on other items, such as cookies and breads. So, don’t compare the prices that they offer and the ones that your chosen bakery has quoted. The professional bakers who are experts in creating custom cakes would focus only on one cake at a time.

There are some bakeries that will quote some random prices online. Such prices must not be used as a reference to set the budget for your cake. As the custom cake would be designed specifically for you, speak with the baker and set a realistic budget.

4. Ensure proper transportation of your cake

This is usually done after you’ve placed the order for your custom cake. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to know how your cake would be transported beforehand. You must know if you’ll need to pick up your cake from the bakery. The bakery might also have it delivered to you.

In both these cases, you’ll need to have patience. Special care is always needed to move a cake, especially if it is bigger in size and has elaborate decorations. You can also provide appropriate instructions to your chosen bakery to make sure that it is transported properly.

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